Making healthy hair possible

Macadamia Natural Oil® is a professionally inspired collection of hair repair products created to transform dry, damaged, colour-treated hair into beautifully conditioned locks. Formulated to deliver a high level of moisture, nourishment and intensive repair for all hair types, our oil-infused products smooth frizz, strengthen strands and help prevent future breakage.

Hair repair powered by nature!

We believe healthy hair starts from within. Whether your hair is curly, coarse or super fine, keeping it healthy and beautiful is easy with Macadamia Natural Oil® products.

All Macadamia Natural Oil products contain oil from the Macadamia nut which is light and easily absorbed. It closely mimics the body's natural oil, so it provides better conditioning and is rapidly absorbed into the hair shaft.

Macadamia Natural Oil products are also infused with argan oil, which combined with Macadamia oil, provides a rich and weightless blend of Omega 3, 6,7 and 9 fatty acids.

Our proprietary oil complex provides ultimate nourishment and hair repair for all hair types.

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